Shipping/Receiving Options

Depending on where you live, you have different options for getting your purchases shipped to you.

  • If you live near the border, the best/cheapest option is often to have your packages delivered to an American receiving center.
  • If crossing the border isn't an option, some products can be shipped directly to your Canadian address from Amazon, although you may incur duty and additional taxes.
  • There are also services that will take your purchase across the border for you.

We are working on compiling a list of shipping & receiving options that we can recommend to our website users.


Abbotsford, BC | Sumas, WA

Letterlock provides packing, shipping, and receiving options for packages of all sizes at their Sumas, WA and Abbotsford, BC locations. Because they have receiving centres on either side of the border, they are able to offer the service of clearing your packages through customs and making them ready for pickup on either side of the border! Or, Canadians can have their packages delivered to the Sumas, WA location and pick them up in person.

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