Fairywill Sonic Whitening Electric Toothbrush - ADA Accepted Rechargeable Toohthbrush, Red Dot Award 2020 Winner, Ultra Powerful with up to 62,000 VPC Motor, 4 Heads & 1 Travel Case, Black

from: Fairywill

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Fairywill Sonic Whitening Electric Toothbrush - ADA Accepted Rechargeable Toohthbrush, Red Dot...
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  • RED DOT AWARD: PRODUCT DESIGN 2020 - Fairywill P11 ultra-powerful electric toothbrush is bold and sharp, by pairing bold styling with rugged construction, giving a more simplified appearance with a round, gold-tone ring. Equipped with the 3rd Generation Maglev Motor, delivering 62,000 brush movements each cycle. More dynamic, cleaner, quieter, with a longer life span. This is the one to get if you want to feel good and look good too.
  • ADA ACCEPTED SAFE&EFFECTIVE CLEAN- This electronic toothbrush is engineered with 3* high performance modes to give you all the essential oral care that you actually need. Get a healthier gum, fresher breath and whiter teeth using this sonic toothbrush. It is waterproof rated IPX7, so you can use it safely at shower. Build-in smart timer is a good feature helps to ensure a dentist-recommend brushing habbit. *Clean, Soft, Massage.
  • MILDEW FREE TOOTHBRUSH - The P11 possesses an integrated handle that actively keeps out foam residue and mildew from reaching any component parts. This keeps the brush clean and working optimally for an extended period of time. Unlike other brands that have opened display panels that allow for foam and residue to get inside of your toothbrush which leaves them susceptible to germs. The P11's hidden display system keeps all foam residue outside of the toothbrush.
  • 2 MINUTE BUILT-IN TIMER - Auto-timed feature helps to ensure a dentist-recommend cleaning habbit. You might not notice how long you brush, but your brush will let you know. There is an interval vibration reminder after every 30 seconds to remind you that it is time to move to clean the next quadrant of mouth, and it will shut off automatically when 2 minutes is up.
  • 4 DUPONT BRUSH HEADS & 1 TRAVEL CASE - Brush heads with W shaped 3d bristle makes it better fit our tooth photography and clean more thoroughly and effectively. Reminder Bristle would fade in color to let you know when it is time to replace the brush heads. Also included is a travel case that houses two brush heads which is ideal for couples to share on the go.
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