MindTap for Pride/Ferrell's Marketing 2020, 20th Edition [Online Code]

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MindTap for Pride/Ferrell's Marketing 2020, 20th Edition [Online Code]
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Please check the ISBN that your instructor provided. If the ISBN-13 does not match this product (9781337910590) or its Printed Access Card equivalent (9781337910606) this may not be the correct product. In some cases, you may also require a course code from your Instructor.MindTap for Pride/Ferrell's Marketing 2020, 20th Edition, helps you learn on your terms. INSTANT ACCESS IN YOUR POCKET. Study on-the-go with the Cengage Mobile App. Read or listen to textbooks, stay connected via notifications, create flashcards and take practice quizzes to stay focused and do better in class. GEAR UP FOR ULTIMATE SUCCESS. Track your scores, know where to focus and stay motivated toward your goals. The MindTap Green Dot will charge your confidence along the way. MAKE YOUR TEXTBOOK YOURS. Highlight key text, add notes and create custom flashcards. When it's time to study, everything you've flagged or noted can be gathered into one organized guide.Instructor Assigned: Please be aware that the product you are purchasing is usable only if assigned by your instructor. If your instructor has not assigned this product, you should not continue with your purchase.Minimum System Requirements: Operating System: Web Browser

  • This product requires a Course Key from your Instructor to fully activate. Please consult your Professor or class syllabus for the specific Course Key.
  • ISBN: 9781337910590
  • Access to this product is valid for 1 term of usage. After this period, this product can be viewed under the "view expired" link in your Cengage account.
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