Rayhee Disposable Clear Plastic Gloves 500 Pieces Plastic Disposable Food Prep Gloves,Disposable Polyethylene Work Gloves for Cooking Cleaning,Food Handling,Powder & Latex Free [ One Size Fits Most ]

from: Rayhee

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Rayhee Disposable Clear Plastic Gloves 500 Pieces Plastic Disposable Food Prep Gloves,Disposable...
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  • ✅500 PIECE PLASTIC DISPOSABLE GLOVES: Includes 5 packs of 100 Disposable Clear White Gloves each), One Large Size fits All for adults/unisex men and women, Left and right hands. refers to the human hand shape design, the right and left universal, Using flexible, Sanded surface is anti- skid and better grip!
  • ✅FDA Approved for Food service industry grade gloves- 100% food safe and perfect for food handling in commercial or home use.These handy gloves keep your hands clean and free of odors.100% Latex and Powder Free, BPA Free,Allergy Free, Non-Sterile,Good skid resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, detergent resistance, corrosion resistance and non-adhesion,easy to use, Disposable use, clean and sanitary
  • ✅Thick Poly PE Gloves: Good toughness and extra tension,easy to stretch, durable, not easy to break and tear:;Comfortable and smooth touch in hand, easy to wear, no holes and leakage.These high quality Eco-friendly and recyclable cooking gloves are Great Alternative to Vinyl and Loose Fitting Poly Gloves.
  • ✅APPLICATION: Disposable Poly Gloves are great for Food Prep & Handing, Sandwich Assembly, BBQ, Restaurants, Deli's Handling, Meat Prep, Counter tasks, Dishwashing, Kitchen Food Handling,Home Cooking Applications, Cleaning Operation, home protection, General Use, Cleaning, Food Service, Household Chores,Medical Exams, Painting, Doing Art & Crafts, Beauty and Hair Salons, Food processing, Industrial Application, Laboratory, Hairdressing and Dental Clinic, Pets Feeding & Cleaning and Much More!
  • ✅Rayhee FoodSafe Stretch Poly gloves are ideal for light duty applications such as food services, cleaning and other general purpose needs. Promote a sanitary work environment with these disposable poly food serving gloves,eating messy foods such as BBQ, cleaning and in any situation where you don't want to dirty your hands.These disposable accessories make cleaning a breeze.
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