OUPENG Carabiner Clip Set 3"(2-Pack) D Shape Improved Durable Spring-loaded Gate Iron Carabiners, Keychain Clip, Multipurpose For Camping, Hiking, Fishing Or As A Key Organizer Black

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OUPENG Carabiner Clip Set 3"(2-Pack) D Shape Improved Durable Spring-loaded Gate Iron Carabiners,...
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Carabiner, Key Clip ,Caribeaners,Carabiner Clip,Climbing Locking Carabiner,Key Ring,Black Diamond Carabiner ,Carabiner Keychai,The Most Essential Accessory For Every Use . The carabiners are made with premium quality Iron that is extremely durable and strong while still being lightweight and compact for your convenience. And the best part is that they also open and close incredibly smoothly so you can have easy access to your things! Product Details: Two (2) Carabiner Clips+2pcs keyrings Material: Iron Color: Black Process:electrophoretic paint Maximum Static Load: 507lbs/230kg (Complete Lock Mode) Easy Locking Mechanism Length: 3.15"(80mm) Width:1.65"(42mm) Diameter: 0.3"(8mm) Weight: 2.1 ounce/PCS Functionality: - Used as a keychain hook to keep your keys or small items without the risk of any falling off - Use these to hang things - flashlights, extension cords, ropes, light weight chains, tools that anything that can be attached - Use it to attach the sports bottle, backpack, ropes of camping tent, hiking pole, small tools etc - Use it to clip reusable bags together for easy storage - Use it as a hook for your SMALL-SIZE dog or cat's leash, There would be no breakout incident - Use it to tidy up belts, collect your hair ties, prevent cords from tangling Note: It is not recommended to be used in mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing and high-altitude games for your safety. Caution: Instant tension can reach way above 507lbs when dynamic load is applied even for light stuff, leading to irreversible break. Thus the following uses are forbidden: Attach a leash to a running belt of big animals . Hold shade sail as the load is not predictable when strong wind blows and so on. There are many uses waiting for you to discover and use Get Yours Now Before We Run Out Of Stock Just Click Add To Cart

  • Iron Carabiner Clip Key Ring:Two (2) Carabiner Clips+2pcs keyrings. 3" Iron Carabiner D Shape Buckle Pack,black diamond locking carabiner,black diamond carabiner. Smooth shiny polished finished, with no sharp edge on them. you can see metal shiny light at different angles. Elegant, strong and practicale.Note: It is not recommended to be used in mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing and high-altitude games for your safety.
  • D Shape Buckle Pack Improved Durable Spring : 3" inch Iron carabiner clip Compact Functional Design , package includes 2pcs nonlocking +2pcs keyrings. With palm sized design, you can take these small carabiners with you anywhere you go , fit all your needs for outdoor and home .
  • Improved high quality spring for Clip : Improved Spring of carabiners allow them to be quickly and securely attached to a wide range of fixing points. Great to securely clip items on one end, attach with the other. Clip multiple items together. Can be used with zippers, laptop carriers, suitcases, luggage tags and hanging plants.
  • Outdoor Indoor Applications : Used in the field by experienced backpackers, hikers and park rangers. Multifunctional carabiner that you can use to attach and carry keys water bottles camping gear hang lanterns and lights. You can also use these for hanging power tools, camping supplies and tent shaders as well as automotive tools and supplies. Also ideal for hanging lights, potted plants and garage tools and storage containers.
  • Do you need an easy way to secure your camping gear? Do you want a carabiner buckle that is of high quality and very trustworthy? Are you looking for a cool and practical keychain? Click 'Add to Cart' now to get two versatile carabiner clips strong enough to take with you on nearly every outdoor adventure!
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