Growneer 5-Pack 1 Gallons Planting Grow Bags Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles


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Growneer 5-Pack 1 Gallons Planting Grow Bags Aeration Fabric Pots with Handles
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Give your plants what they want: room to grow, air to breathe, and an environment to thrive. Give your plants the Growneer Pot! Why should you choose grow bags? Almost all plants grow better in fabric containers. That's because grow bags support healthy root growth. And strong roots means a stronger plant. Compared to plastic containers, fabric pots stay cooler on hot days because it allows air to flow through the sides of the fabric. Roots can¡¯t grow and are stressed when plastic containers get hot. Controlling Plant Temperature Due to its porous nature, allows heat to escape from the container through evaporative cooling during the summer's hottest days. Yet the same fabric, quickly warms up early season soil, enabling plants to get off to a quicker start.

  • POT DIMENSION -- 6" Diameter, 8" Height.
  • SET OF 5 GROW BAGS -- 1 Gallons of maximum capacity (each bag).
  • MATERIAL -- Made with high quality non-woven fabric, built-in handles for easy movement.
  • DURABLE -- We have more than one process in sewing to ensure our fabric pot is durable.
  • WIDELY USED -- These grow bags are suitable for indoor and outdoor planting. Make planting, growing, and harvesting easier.
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