AstroAI Digital Multimeter 2000Counts with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Digital Multi Tester Voltage Tester Meter with Backlit LCD

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AstroAI Digital Multimeter 2000Counts with Ohm Volt Amp and Diode Digital Multi Tester Voltage...
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The AstroAI AM33D Multimeter is designed to safely and accurately troubleshoot a variety of automotive and household electrical problems. It's easy and safe to operate and features many different functions for measuring current, voltage, and resistance, as well as continuity, transistor, and diode testing, which is both for automotive and household uses. Use this multimeter for: household outlets, fuses, wiring, general-purpose batteries, vehicle battery and charging system, automotive circuits and more. The grip of the multimeter is around the edge of the entire multimeter and a kickstand on the back so you don't have to be holding the entire time when you want to use it. It can also be used to diagnose, assemble, and repair circuitry and wiring. Other features include a low battery indicator, continuity buzzer, and overload protection. The Hold Button can be useful when it's for more precise measurements. For example if measuring a sensor you might want to make a note that the meter reads 2. 984 V and it's more convenient than trying to remember the value while you write it down on a piece of paper or enter the value into a spreadsheet etc. SpecificationsMax. display: 1999, 3 1/2 digitsRange selection: Manual rangingOverload display: "1" is displayedSampling Speed: 2 times per secondLow Battery IndicationPower: 1 x 9V 6F22 Battery IncludedDiode Test: YesContinuity Test: YesSquare Wave Output: YesDimensions: 5. 1" x 2. 8" x 1. 4"Safety/Compliances: IEC61010 CAT. I 600V, CAT. II 300V, double insulationDC Voltage: 200mV/2000mV/20V/200V (0. 5%+3), 500V (1%+5)AC Voltage: 200V/500V (2%+10)DC Current: 2000μA/20mA (1. 8%+2), 200mA (2%+2), 10A (2%+10)Resistance: 200Ω (1%+10), 2000Ω/20KΩ/200KΩ (1%+4), 20MΩ (1%+10), 200MΩ [5%(reading-10)+10]Package Includes1 x AstroAI AM33D Digital Multimeter1 x 9V 6F22 Battery2 x Test Leads1 x User Manual

  • Check out our VIDEO on the left side and take a quick tour of AstroAI Multimeter! ACCURATELY MEASURES: Voltage, DC current, resistance, diode, continuity and more
  • TROUBLESHOOTS: Automotive and household electrical problems safely and accurately
  • EASE OF USE: Data hold and large digital display with backlit LCD for visibility in dimly light areas
  • SAMPLING SPEED: 2 times per second. Overload protection on all ranges
  • 1 Year Warranty. Built-in kickstand for hand free use. Protective rubber corner guards for drop protection; Note: the meter can not be used to test AC current and can not be used to test AC voltage like the voltage of RECEPTACLE WHEN the dial is located in the DC current range
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