Aspectek Plastic Polycarbonate Bird Spikes Kit with Adhesive Glue, Covers 10 Feet

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Aspectek Plastic Polycarbonate Bird Spikes Kit with Adhesive Glue, Covers 10 Feet
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Why choose Aspectek Polycarbonate spikes? Prevent birds from nesting and destructing your property with Aspectek Plastic Spikes. This is a non-harmful, easily applicable and highly effective method of bird repellent that is 100% effective where it is installed. Spikes are low-profile and light-weight. Bird spikes are made from durable and light polycarbonate plastic. The flexibility of spikes allow mounting on most surfaces and are easy to install and cut to size. Total coverage per pack is 10 feet. They can also be placed in pairs for a wider spike spread. Use them on: Ledges, beams, rafters, ralings, air conditioners, signs, windowsills, gutters, roof perimeters, chimneys, support structures, awnings, poles, lights, statues, trusses, building projections and anywhere else birds roost. Keep these pests away:Birds (pigeons, sparrows, starlings, crows, blackbirds, seagulls, swallows and more), bats, climbing animals and more. How it works: Simply snap together and cut spikes to fit the length of your fence / ledge and apply the included silicone adhesive to the surface. Press the spikes firmly down on the adhesive and let dry. That's it! You can also use nails, screws or staples to secure spikes to your surface. Includes: - 10 x 1 foot lengths of Polycarbonate bird spikes - 1 tube of silicone adhesive About Aspectek : Aspectek is a Canadian brand trusted for over 25 years as a leader in effective pest control products designed with quality and affordability in mind. When purchased from a licensed vendor (Deals Republic), all Aspectek products are covered under a one year manufacturer's warranty and are shipped directly to you from Canada.

  • 100% effective --- Aspectek Bird Spikes stop small to medium birds perching, landing or roosting on your balcony, roof, fence or any other landing areas.
  • Humane bird repellent solution --- This product creates an unsuitable landing area for birds, forcing them to relocate without harm.
  • Ease to install, Adhesive included --- Installation is quick and easy with the included pre-drilled holes and glue troughs. You can also find a user-friendly instruction manual in the kit. Each unit of spikes covers 1ft length and a width of 5 inches, total coverage per pack is 10ft. The spike's flexible base can bend a full 360 degrees, allow more available options of surfaces to be used
  • Durable, No maintence required ---: Heavy duty polycarbonate prongs with sturdy, UV-protected polycarbonate base offer a great combination of flexibility and effectiveness for the spike kit to last many years without maintenance required
  • Any elevated area -- The spikes can be installed along any elevated areas such as roofs, chimneys, gazebos, even near disk TV antenna (no RF interference), towers, valves, landings, support structures, posts, gangways, curved surfaces.
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