Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition X-Small Adult Dry Dog Food, 2.5-Pound

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Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition X-Small Adult Dry Dog Food, 2.5-Pound
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With countless dog food options out there that feature formulas focused on ingredients, how do you know what nutrition is right for your pet? No matter how big or small your dog is, Royal Canin has a right-sized diet, made with the precise amount of nutrients needed for every stage of their magnificent life. Your extra-small dog has big nutritional needs. Their boundless, playful energy needs a diet that can keep up with them. And since they have tiny jaws and miniature teeth, they need a kibble small enough to pick up and chew. Not only that, these petite pooches are pretty picky when it comes to the food they eat. Royal Canin X-Small Adult dry dog food is targeted nutrition to support your mini dog’s playful nature and petite size. It’s formulated with adapted energy levels to meet the high energy needs of miniature and toy breed dogs. Ideal levels of EPA and DHA support healthy skin and a beautiful, shiny coat. Highly digestible proteins and precise levels of fibers help promote healthy digestion. This extra-small and highly palatable kibble is designed for tiny teeth and jaws, pleasing even the pickiest of eaters. Add a variety in texture with Royal Canin Adult Beauty wet dog food. And when your dog reaches their later years, there’s Royal Canin X-Small Adult 8+ and X-Small Aging 12+ to help keep them happy and healthy as they age. With nearly 50 years of scientific research and observation, Royal Canin continues to deliver targeted nutrition to feed every pet’s magnificence. Not satisfied? Then neither are we. Our formulas are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. For more details contact us at 800-592-6687.

  • Highly Digestible Proteins And Precise Levels Of Various Fibers Help To Regulate And Ease Intestinal Transit.
  • Contains Ideal Levels Of Epa And Dha To Help Support A Beautiful Coat And Healthy Skin.
  • Meets The Very High Energy Needs Of Very Small Dogs During Adulthood.
  • Proven Kibble Technology Helps Reduce The Formation Of Tartar.
  • Features An Extra Small Kibble Designed For The Miniature Jaw Of Dogs Under 8 Lb. Exclusive, Highly Palatable Formula Satisfies The Fussy Appetites Of Very Small Dogs.
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