PureGuardian Aquastick, Universal, Genuine Guardian Technologies Antimicrobial Humidifier Treatment, Ultrasonic & Evaporative, Fits All Brands, Reduces Odors, 2 Count (One Pack of Two), GGHS15

from: PureGuardian

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PureGuardian Aquastick, Universal, Genuine Guardian Technologies Antimicrobial Humidifier...
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  • Keep Your Humidifier Tank Clean: PureGuardian GGHS15 Aquastick humidifier water cartridge helps keep your humidifier tank cleaner longer. Designed for universal compatibility with all humidifier models, Aquasticks can be used in both evaporative ultrasonic humidifiers.
  • Only One Stick Needed: One Aquastick can be used in humidifiers with a tank that is up to one gallon in size. For humidifiers with a capacity of one to two gallons, use two Aquasticks
  • For Best Results: PureGuardian recommends to clean your humidifier tank according to the manufacturer's instructions before using the AquaStick and to use clean, fresh water. Replace every 90 days
  • Easy To Use: Simply drop the GGHS15 AquaStick universal humidifier water cartridge into your humidifier tank. Keep your humidifier's mist clean and functioning properly with ultimate filtration and purification
  • PureGuardian: Guardian technologies offers a full range of small appliance-based solutions for happier and healthier lives at home, focused on creating powerful, safe and innovative technologies to help facilitate healthier, happier home environments
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