got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel, 170 Milliliter (1986310)

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got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel, 170 Milliliter (1986310)
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This gel’s hold is no joke! So put it down and slowly back away if you’re not up for the strongest gel hold ever! This non-sticky, no-flake formula is powered by high-tech styling agent - we call it Alpha XTR. Call it what you want, it lets you take your hair to new heights. Or do your own thing and cement your individual style. And when the party comes to an end, easily un-glue with a little shampoo. Go ahead - style away! Use on damp or dry hair. Squeeze a small amount into palms, rub hand together and distribute evenly throughout hair.

  • No Joke Hold: Non sticky, no flake formula for crazy Holds
  • GO ALL NIGHT: But once the fun is over, easily "un glue" with a little shampoo
  • USE FOR: vertical hair styles
  • HOW TO USE: Use on damp or try hair; Squeeze a small amount into palms and distribute evenly throughout hair
  • For vertical styles
  • Non-sticky, not flakes, crazy hold
  • Feels like gel, holds like glue!
  • Strongest gel hold ever.
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